I make websites,
terrible jokes, and
a mean grilled-cheese.

I make websites, terrible jokes, and a mean grilled-cheese.

clear-thinking and totally inspired, i'm searching for a place to make a more meaningful impact.

I'm the kind of guy who likes rolling his sleeves up and really getting into a creative discussion, who likes turning conventional wisdom upside-down when finding an innovative solution to a complex (read: brain-draining, Netflix-marathon-inducing) problem.

There's something hilariously absurd about working as a freelance web-developer: on one hand, I create powerful platforms for people to exchange inspired ideas and information, and on the other, I spend most of my day singing to my dog and working alone in my home-office. I consider myself extremely lucky to be working in a field that I feel passionate about, and at the same time I know that if I were to team up with like-minded change-makers, I could be doing so much more.

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PHP & Wordpress

I get into Object-oriented

PHP, plugin development,

and MySQL integration.

Javascript & JQuery

Fluid DOM manipulation,

graceful degradation,

less graceful cussing.

Mobile-First Styling

Elegant CSS3 solutions,

fluid Sass and LESS,

crazy organized stylesheets.

Abstract Conversation

Talking about new ideas

can be tough work. Luckily,

I'm into it.

Multiple Frameworks

Backbone.js, Bootstrap,

Ember.js, Foundation,

and good ol' free-style.

Songza Ninja

I'm not a Songza D-Bag:

Honestly, at the moment

I'm into Mom Jean Jams.