I make websites,
terrible jokes, and
a mean grilled-cheese.

I make websites, terrible jokes, and a mean grilled-cheese.

clear-thinking and totally inspired, i’m searching for ways to make a more meaningful impact.

I’m the kind of guy who likes rolling his sleeves up and really getting into a creative discussion, who likes turning conventional wisdom upside-down when finding an innovative solution to a complex (read: brain-draining, Netflix-marathon-inducing) problem.

The projects that excite me are the kind that work to answer the questions other digital media have left open: How can a campaign site engage visually-impaired users who aren’t swayed by heart-nudging photography? How can an e-commerce site experientially envelop a mobile user, even if they’re fourteen riders deep in a NYC subway?

Hell, I don’t have answers to any of that. I am, however, excited that innovative UX can move the needle on building a web for everyone, and am currently searching for creative minds to partner with to help effect that change.

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Strategic Thinking

Can I align a digital project

with clients' hopes & dreams?

You bet I can.

Emotional Design

User-focused and designing

for trust, I'm passionate about

giving the web a heartbeat.

Responsive UI/UX

Mobile first, content first,

pizza first... you name it,

it's likely I'm into it.

Design + Build

Put up or shut up?

I can HTML, CSS or JS

with the rest of 'em.

Touchpoint Juggling

Everything from strategy

to development, design

to champagne drinking.

Songza Ninja

I'm not a Songza D-Bag:

Honestly, at the moment

I'm into Mom Jean Jams.